Our partnership

As a key foreign investor in Tanzania, our landmark partnership with the government and people of Tanzania has been structured to secure shared value, based on equity and trust.

Lifezone is a champion for Tanzanian metals production. We aim to empower Tanzania to be the next premier source of Class 1 nickel.

Kabanga is rightly a project of national importance, and will help achieve the targets of Agenda 2030, which prioritises inclusive socio-economic development.

Our commitment

Our commitment to in-country beneficiation will make Tanzania a leader in clean energy metals production as a significant strategic supplier of Class 1 refined nickel, refined cobalt and copper.

Our focus on localised processing and refining enables the government and local communities to share in the value created by sovereign resources.

These strategic minerals will be exported globally to produce batteries for electric vehicles and renewable energy generation.

Tembo Nickel

Tembo Nickel Corporation is our Tanzania-based partnership vehicle with the Tanzanian government.

It has been built to ensure an effective partnership to equitably share economic benefits between Tanzania and Kabanga Nickel.

The 16% non-contributory equity ownership will benefit Tanzania over the life of the project.

The Project will create skilled and technical jobs and provide support for settlements around the Kabanga project. Flow-on benefits such as skills, training, and job creation will be generated.