Our ESG strategy

Sustainability is innate to our business, as our products are produced with far fewer harmful impacts on the environment.

Our approach to sustainability is evolving in the build-up to first production.

Every element of our strategy is driven by adherence to global standards governing ESG practices. By working as partners with diverse stakeholders, our commitment to sustainability remains resolute.

That means creating shared value with all our stakeholders by supporting the growing trend and best practice of “responsible sourcing” while keeping our people safe and healthy.

Risk management and the mitigation of our impacts will be driven and defined by our goal to achieve significant carbon reductions in nickel, copper and cobalt production.


The Lifezone Hydromet Technology has the potential to advance its use in autocatalytic recycling.

In line with this ambition, Lifezone Metals has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding for a commercial scale platinum group metals recycling facility.

The Project aims to produce non-smelted refined PGMs from the recycling market, as well as to clean up the circular economy reducing likely the carbon footprint.

The Project’s PGM recycling facility (the “Facility”) is expected to be situated in the US. The Facility will recover PGMs from catalytic converters from spent automotive vehicles with the end products being refined platinum, palladium, and rhodium sponge products.

Lifezone will provide technical expertise and license its Hydromet Technology to the affiliated Project entity, as well as capital necessary to fund the Facility.

This will support our goal of creating value for all stakeholders, our aim to eliminate the need for smelting and to supply, greener, recycled metals in a shorter timeframe.