Lifezone Metals

Lifezone Metals is a modern metals company supporting the clean energy transition.

  • An emerging supplier of responsibly-sourced, low-carbon and sulphur dioxide emission metals to the battery and EV markets.
  • Our hydromet technology has the potential to largely eliminate smelting, the most polluting phase of metals production, from the production process
  • We operate across mining and processing, with potential for hydromet to be used in metals recycling

History of Lifezone

1981 – 1988

Liddell and Adams work together on major PGM and gold projects in South Africa, receiving several medals for industry advancements


Lifezone’s PGM hydromet technology conceptualized by Liddell


Bateman Ltd conclude process has no flaws following detailed analysis

2000 – 2005

Liddell and Adams extensively test 22 flowsheets to optimise design

2000 – 2007

PGM hydromet technology patents granted in South Africa, USA and Canada

2006 – 2021

Continual development of engineering, process flowsheets and process simulation for past 15+ years


Incorporation and seed funding of Lifezone


Pilot testing, engineering and cost studies completed for PGM and base metal procedures / developers globally.


Completion of pilot plant testing and DFS application of Hydromet technology to Sedibelo PGM concentrate

2014 – 2016

Successful development and testing of technology on gold and polymetallic concentrates


Industrial Development Corporation partner with Lifezone in South Africa


Board approval for construction of Lifezone Hydromet plant at Sedibelo


Commencement of detailed engineering design and early works for implementation of Hydromet plant at Sedibelo. Over 100 global hydromet patents awarded our course of past 8 years


Our strategy is to unlock and secure world class deposits of metals and license our patented technologies.

These are essential to clean energy and GHG emissions reductions as the world combats climate change.

We are building a scalable, low-emission processing solution that will set new standards in metal production.