Lifezone structure

Lifezone Metals brings together two interconnected businesses.

Kabanga Nickel and Lifezone Hydromet Technology.

Our key business units are:

  • A nickel asset in Tanzania.
  • A lower energy-intensity processing business, Lifezone Metals Hydromet Technology, which will enable a cleaner production of metals processing of mined metals, with the potential to also recycle metals used in devices like auto catalysts.

Our resources, technology and expertise position the company for long-term growth – potentially providing metals with a “green premium” as customers look to cleaner sources for the electric revolution.

1 – Nickel Class 1 downstream processing CO2 eq. emissions baseline from 2020 Nickel Institute LCA. Estimated Kabanga refinery expected emissions from internal Company analysis.
2 – Expected reductions are lower for PGMs, as they utilize a more complicated flowsheet and are more energy intensive. For example, a study from EY Cova (an independent South African National Accreditation System accredited energy Measurement and Verification inspection body) found 46% lower emissions utilizing our Hydromet Technology compared to traditional smelting and refining (EY Cova studied PGM metals at the originally proposed 110 ktpa concentrate feed rate refinery at the Sedibelo plant site in South Africa under the then-applicable conditions in 2020 and assuming reagents not manufactured on-site; actual results could differ). Results will vary for specific PGM projects.
3– Based on analysis of the largest undeveloped nickel deposits from S&P Capital IQ Pro, as modified per public data on each mining project. The Kabanga Project’s resource metrics reflect the measured, indicated and inferred resources referred to in the Kabanga Mineral Resource Estimates as of 15 February 2023 from the TRS, as set out on slide 24.
4 – In December 2021, BHP invested $10 million into Lifezone and $40 million into KabangaNickel Limited, a subsidiary of Lifezone; in February 2023, BHP agreed to invest an additional $50 million in KabangaNickel Limited, a subsidiary of Lifezone.


As the key driver for our investment case, Kabanga is one of the world’s largest high-grade nickel sulphide projects.

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Hydromet Technology

Hydromet Technology provides cleaner metals processing, supporting a greener battery-metals supply chain.

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