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United States Vice President Kamala Harris visits Tanzania to endorse key partnerships, aiming to deliver U.S. and global cleaner metal supply

Lifezone Metals welcomed United States Vice President Kamala Harris’ visit to Tanzania this week as a key development in the growing strategic relationship between the two nations and a recognition of Tanzania’s importance as a key emerging supplier of critical minerals.

The visit to Tanzania illustrates the level of interest and commitment now being placed on the supply of critical metals needed to power a greener U.S. economy and generations of electric vehicles.

The U.S. delegation’s visit reflects the longer-term aims of the Partnership for Global Infrastructure Investment (PGII), the Biden administration’s signature G7+ mission to support transformative infrastructure development.

This follows the African Leaders Summit hosted by President Biden in December 2022, which Lifezone Metals’ CEO Chris Showalter attended, and its agenda to redefine the relationship with the continent.

The Kabanga nickel project is expected to leverage Lifezone Metals’ lower-emission technology to process the first cleaner nickel and other critical minerals mined in Tanzania, which, when developed, could deliver battery grade product to the U.S. and global markets. This could position Tanzania to become an emerging supplier of responsibly sourced, low-carbon and low-sulfur dioxide emission metals to the battery and electric vehicle markets.

We share a common interest with the U.S. government in seeking to deliver strategic supply of cleaner metals as the world is racing to decarbonise. We stand in full support of the momentum created by these initiatives to ensure that critical mineral production allows countries such as Tanzania to maximise the potential of their resources and future-proof their economies.

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