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Tembo Nickel Corp and the Ngara District Council sign a 207.8 million shillings CSR MoU for 2022


  • Tembo Nickel Corporation and the Ngara District Council sign MoU for 207.8 million shillings for CSR projects in 2022.
  • The areas of focus will be education and health.
  • A total of eleven (11) projects in different sectors and five (5) popular events.

Dodoma (Tanzania), 8 July 2022 – Tembo Nickel is pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ngara District Council for the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects for 2022 on Friday, 8 July 2022.

Through a participatory process the two parties are entering a partnership for collaboration which will cover projects in the wards of Bugarama, Bukiriro, Muganza, Rulenge, Mbuba and Keza, in Ngara District.

The areas of focus will be education and health with support for some popular events on the District event calendar. This is aligned to feedback through our ongoing engagement with local communities.

The support covers a total of eleven (11) projects in different sectors and five (5) popular events. Seven (7) projects are under the education sector to improve the school’s infrastructures (including classrooms, staff offices, and school desks). Under the health sector, there are three (3) projects that aim to improve health facilities’ infrastructures, medical equipment and medical supplies.

There will also be refresher training for Community Health Workers from nine (9) villages.  Six (6) of these villages are located around the project area and three (3) villages are from the proposed resettlement sites. The focus on this training will provide important up to date training to benefit the health services to these villages.

We are very pleased and excited to partner with Ngara District Council to develop and implement community investment plans that are strategically aligned to local and national development plans”, said Tembo Nickel Country Manager, Benedict Busunzu.

Section 105(1) of the amended Mining Law directs all mining companies to prepare a Corporate Social Responsibility plan jointly agreed by the relevant Local Authority.

We look forward to working together with Tembo Nickel on these very important projects for our district. These projects have been chosen in a very transparent and inclusive manner and we will ensure their success and sustainability”, explained Ngara District Executive Director Solomon Kimilike.

In 2021, Tembo Nickel spent 39 million Shillings completing legacy commitments of the former Kabanga Nickel project and this year it has increased its support five fold.  

Tembo Nickel has already spent 1.5 million US dollars since its inception on goods and services including 125,673 US dollars spent in the Ngara District.

Tembo Nickel is the operating company that was created after the signing of the framework agreement in January 2021 between Kabanga Nickel Limited and the Government of Tanzania. The Kabanga Nickel project aims to start nickel mining in the first quarter of 2026.

Tembo Nickel is committed to working closely with Ngara District Council in a collaborative manner to build sustainable projects that have an economic impact and value in the district even beyond the life of mine.

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