Certain statements made or referred to on this website include references to “clean” or “green” metals, methods of production of such metals, energy or the future in general. Such references relate to environmental benefits such as lower green-house gas (“GHG”) emissions and energy consumption involved in the production of metals using our patented hydrometallurgical technology (“Hydromet Technology”) relative to the use of traditional methods of production and the use of metals such as nickel in the batteries used in electric vehicles. While studies by third parties (commissioned by us in the past) have shown that the Hydromet Technology we use and intend to use in the future, under certain conditions, results in lower GHG emissions and lower consumption of electricity compared to smelting with respect to refining platinum group metals, no active refinery currently licenses our Hydromet Technology and we are currently in the process of developing the specific Hydromet Technology which will be used at the Kabanga project. Accordingly, our Hydromet Technology and the resultant metals may not achieve the environmental benefits to the extent we expect or at all. Any overstatement of the environmental benefits in this regard may have adverse implications for us and our stakeholders.